BA Products 7/16" X 100' Fiber Core Winch Cable with Swivel Hook

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    The B/A Products 7/16" x 100' Fiber Core Winch Cable with Swivel Hook is a heavy-duty towing accessory designed to provide reliable and durable performance in various towing and recovery applications.

    Crafted from high-strength materials, this winch cable features a 7/16-inch diameter and a length of 100 feet, offering ample strength and length for safely towing and recovering vehicles and equipment. The fiber core construction enhances flexibility and durability, allowing the cable to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.

    Equipped with a swivel hook, the cable provides secure attachment to anchor points or towing equipment, while the swivel design helps prevent twisting or kinking during operation. This ensures smooth and efficient towing without compromising safety.

    The B/A Products 7/16" x 100' Fiber Core Winch Cable with Swivel Hook is suitable for use with various winch systems and towing vehicles, making it a versatile and reliable choice for towing professionals and recovery specialists. Whether used in roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, or industrial towing applications, this winch cable provides the strength, durability, and performance needed to get the job done safely and effectively.


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