Miller Bearing Pad Kit, 21' Steel Body

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    The Miller Bearing Pad Kit for 21' Steel Body is a specialized component designed to support and stabilize the steel body of Miller towing and recovery vehicles. Crafted with precision and durability by Miller Industries, a leading manufacturer of towing solutions, this kit ensures reliable performance and longevity in demanding towing environments.

    Consisting of high-quality bearing pads and associated hardware, this kit provides essential support for the steel body of Miller towing vehicles, helping to distribute weight and reduce stress on critical components. The bearing pads are strategically positioned to minimize friction and wear, prolonging the lifespan of the steel body and enhancing overall vehicle stability.

    Constructed from durable materials such as reinforced rubber or high-density polyethylene, the bearing pads offer exceptional durability and resistance to compression, abrasion, and environmental factors. Their robust design ensures reliable support and protection for the steel body, even under heavy loads and harsh towing conditions.

    Compatible with 21' steel body models manufactured by Miller Industries, this bearing pad kit offers seamless integration and easy installation. Whether used in roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, or industrial towing applications, it provides towing professionals and recovery specialists with a reliable solution for maintaining the integrity and functionality of their Miller towing vehicles.

    This is a Bearing Pad Kit by Miller Industries. It includes all the parts necessary to replace the wear pads on a 21' Steel Car Carrier prior to 2010.


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