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    The B/A Products Jerk Rope with a capacity of 20,000 pounds is a heavy-duty towing and recovery accessory designed to provide reliable assistance in challenging situations. Crafted with durability and strength in mind, this jerk rope is engineered to withstand the rigors of towing and recovery operations, offering a dependable solution for freeing stuck or immobilized vehicles or equipment.

    Constructed from high-quality materials such as synthetic fibers or nylon, the jerk rope boasts excellent tensile strength and resistance to abrasion and tearing, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh environments. Its robust construction enables it to handle heavy loads up to 20,000 pounds, providing sufficient pulling force to dislodge stuck vehicles or equipment with ease.

    Featuring reinforced loops or hooks on both ends, the jerk rope offers secure attachment points for connecting to tow vehicles, recovery straps, or anchor points, allowing for safe and effective towing or recovery operations. Its flexible and dynamic design helps absorb shock and minimize the risk of damage to vehicles or equipment during towing.

    Ideal for use in off-road recovery, vehicle extraction, or industrial towing applications, the B/A Products Jerk Rope with a 20,000-pound capacity provides towing professionals and recovery specialists with a reliable and versatile tool for overcoming challenging towing scenarios.

    Jerk Rope for 20,000 lbs


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