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    The Miller Control Handle is a crucial component of welding equipment manufactured by Miller Electric Mfg. LLC. It is typically a handheld device used to control various functions of the welding machine or welding process.

    The control handle may feature buttons, switches, dials, or other input mechanisms that allow the welder to adjust parameters such as amperage, voltage, wire feed speed, gas flow rate, and other welding settings. Depending on the specific model of welding machine, the control handle may also include additional features such as mode selection, pre-programmed settings, or advanced functions for specific welding applications.

    Having a well-designed and ergonomic control handle is essential for welders to operate their equipment safely and efficiently. It enables precise control over the welding process, facilitating adjustments on the fly as needed to achieve optimal weld quality and performance.

    Miller Electric offers a range of welding machines and associated accessories, including various types of control handles designed to meet the needs of different welding applications and user preferences. If you're considering purchasing or using a Miller welding machine, it's recommended to review the product specifications and user manual to understand the capabilities and features of the control handle provided with that particular model.

    This is a control handle on older light duty wreckers like the Vulcan 805 by Miller Industries. 

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