Ramsey Air Free Spool Shifter Kit

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    The Ramsey Air Free Spool Shifter is an essential component of Ramsey winches, offering operators convenient control over the free spooling function. Designed for ease of use and efficient operation, this shifter allows users to engage or disengage the free spooling feature of the winch remotely using compressed air.

    By activating the air free spool shifter, operators can quickly and effortlessly release the winch drum, allowing the winch cable to be pulled out manually without engaging the winch motor. This is particularly useful when setting up rigging or attaching the winch cable to a load, as it provides greater flexibility and control during the preparation phase of a towing or recovery operation.

    Manufactured by Ramsey Winch, a leading provider of winching solutions, the Ramsey Air Free Spool Shifter reflects the company's commitment to innovation and reliability in the towing industry. Whether used in off-road recovery, vehicle towing, or industrial applications, this component enhances the efficiency and convenience of winch operations, contributing to successful towing and recovery tasks.


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