Miller Side Puller for Aluminum Bed

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    The Miller Side Puller for Aluminum Bed is a specialized towing and recovery accessory designed to enhance the capabilities of vehicles equipped with aluminum beds, such as wreckers, tow trucks, or flatbeds. Manufactured by Miller Industries, a renowned leader in towing and recovery equipment, this side puller is engineered to provide additional versatility and functionality in various roadside assistance and recovery scenarios.

    Featuring a sturdy construction and precision engineering, the Miller Side Puller is specifically tailored to integrate seamlessly with aluminum bed configurations, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment. Its innovative design allows operators to perform side pulling operations, enabling efficient extraction of vehicles stuck in tight spaces or awkward angles.

    Equipped with heavy-duty components and advanced features, such as hydraulic controls and adjustable mounting options, the Miller Side Puller offers operators enhanced control and flexibility during recovery operations. Whether used for vehicle extraction, rollover recovery, or load repositioning, this accessory helps maximize the capabilities of towing and recovery vehicles equipped with aluminum beds.

    By incorporating the Miller Side Puller into their fleet, towing professionals can improve their efficiency, expand their service offerings, and provide more comprehensive assistance to customers in need, ultimately enhancing safety and effectiveness on the road.

    The Side Puller vehicle alignment tool consisting of a quick connect- disconnect pulley that fits into a socket. It eliminates damage to winch drums, side rails, and even to the trucks bed.

    It will save you time and money by making recovering vehicles in parking lots, curb sides, or wherever you have to do lot of maneuvering to get a vehicle into proper position to winch it onto your carrier. It will also make it easier to unload a vehicle lacking tires or wheels by simply wrapping the winch cable around the pulley then back up to the vehicle using the winch to pull the vehicle off your carrier.


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