Miller Vertical Tail Light Bezel Left Side for LCG 12-20 GEN 2

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    The Miller Vertical Tail Light Bezel, designed for the left side of the LCG 12-20 GEN 2 (Second Generation) model, is an essential component that enhances both the appearance and functionality of towing equipment. Manufactured by Miller Industries, a leading provider of towing and recovery solutions, this bezel is specifically engineered to complement the design of the LCG 12-20 GEN 2 and provide a secure housing for the tail light assembly.

    Crafted with durability and precision, the vertical tail light bezel offers protection to the tail light assembly against impacts, debris, and harsh weather conditions. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, even in demanding towing environments.

    Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, the bezel seamlessly integrates with the LCG 12-20 GEN 2 model, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the towing equipment. Its precise fit and finish contribute to a professional and polished appearance, reflecting the quality and reliability associated with the Miller Industries brand.

    Easy to install and maintain, the Miller Vertical Tail Light Bezel provides towing professionals with a hassle-free solution for upgrading or replacing damaged bezels on their LCG 12-20 GEN 2 units. By investing in this OEM-quality component, operators can ensure the safety, functionality, and visual appeal of their towing equipment, ultimately enhancing their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    This is a Miller Industries tail light face plate for the left hand side of any LCG Car Carrier. It is available in stainless steel. The light configuration is vertical.

    • Fits Century/Vulcan 12/16/20 Series LCG
    • Fits Century/Vulcan LCG Generation II Series
    • Left Hand Side
    • Available in Stainless Steel


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