Miller Horizontal Tail Light Bezel for Gen 2 Left Hand Side

Miller Horizontal Tail Light Bezel for Gen 2 Left Hand Side

The Miller Horizontal Tail Light Bezel for Gen 2, designed for the left-hand side, is...

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The Miller Horizontal Tail Light Bezel for Gen 2, designed for the left-hand side, is a fundamental component in the assembly and functionality of towing and recovery equipment. Here's a succinct description:

  • Integral Component: The horizontal tail light bezel is an integral part of the lighting system on towing and recovery equipment, specifically designed for the left-hand side of Miller Industries' Gen 2 models. It provides protection and support for the tail light assembly, ensuring its proper positioning and functionality.

  • Tailored Design: Engineered with precision to meet the specific requirements of Miller Industries' Gen 2 equipment, the bezel boasts a tailored design that perfectly accommodates the left-hand side tail light assembly. Its dimensions and contours are optimized for seamless integration with the equipment, ensuring a snug fit and optimal performance.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials such as high-grade polymers or metals, the bezel offers robustness and longevity, capable of withstanding the harsh operating conditions encountered in towing and recovery applications. Its sturdy construction provides reliable protection for the tail light assembly against impacts, vibrations, and environmental elements.

  • Secure Mounting: The bezel features secure mounting points or fastening mechanisms that allow for easy and secure installation onto the equipment's chassis or body. This ensures the bezel remains firmly in place, even during rigorous towing and recovery operations, preventing any risk of displacement or damage to the tail light assembly.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Designed to optimize the visibility of the tail light assembly, the bezel may incorporate features such as reflective surfaces or strategic contours that help to maximize light output and visibility, enhancing safety during nighttime or low-visibility conditions on the road.

  • Application Specificity: Tailored specifically for Miller Industries' Gen 2 equipment, the horizontal tail light bezel ensures compatibility and seamless integration with the designated models. Its design and functionality are optimized to meet the unique requirements of these vehicles, providing reliable performance and compliance with industry standards.

In summary, the Miller Horizontal Tail Light Bezel for Gen 2, left-hand side, is a crucial component that contributes to the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of towing and recovery equipment. With its tailored design, durable construction, secure mounting, enhanced visibility features, and application specificity, it plays a vital role in ensuring optimal performance and compliance with regulatory standards.

This is a stainless steel tail light face plate for the left hand side of the Century Generation II LCG car carriers. The light configuration for this bezel is horizontal. Does not include lights or back up alarm pictured in photo. All that is included is the stainless steel face plate.

  • Tail Light Face Plate / Bezel
  • Left Hand Side
  • Stainless Steel

  • Miller LCG 12 - 20 Series Generation II Carriers