ECCO 3 LED Amber Light Module

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    The ECCO 3 LED Amber Light Module is a high-performance lighting solution designed for a wide range of applications, including emergency vehicles, construction equipment, utility trucks, and more. This compact module features three bright amber LEDs that provide intense illumination and excellent visibility, even in adverse weather conditions and low-light environments.

    Built with durability in mind, the ECCO 3 LED Amber Light Module is housed in a rugged and weather-resistant casing, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments. Its compact size allows for easy installation in various locations on vehicles or equipment, providing versatile lighting options to suit different requirements.

    The amber color of the LEDs makes the ECCO light module highly effective for signaling and warning purposes, alerting nearby motorists and pedestrians to potential hazards or emergency situations. With its low power consumption and long lifespan, this LED module offers a cost-effective and efficient lighting solution for enhancing safety and visibility in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


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