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    Elevate your towing capabilities with the innovative Miller Medium Axle Fork - 3" Wide Opening. Crafted with precision by Miller Industries, this axle fork represents a leap in towing technology. Manufactured from high-grade cast steel alloy using an exclusive one-piece casting process, this fork sets new standards in strength and durability. Its advanced design significantly increases yield strength, nearly doubling it, while reducing the weight by almost 30% compared to traditional forks. This balance of lightweight design and enhanced strength makes for an efficient, user-friendly towing experience.

    The Miller Medium Axle Fork is versatile, designed for picking up vehicles by the leaf spring, axle, or frame, ensuring a secure lift in various towing scenarios. Whether sold individually or as a pair, these forks are an essential tool for any tow operation looking to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability.

    Why You'll Love It

    • Enhanced Strength: Nearly double the yield strength for robust towing tasks.
    • Lightweight Design: 30% lighter than traditional designs, easing handling and operation.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for lifting by leaf spring, axle, or frame, offering flexibility in towing services.
    • Exclusive Cast Alloy Design: Unique manufacturing process ensures unparalleled durability and performance.
    • Precise Dimensions: With a 3-inch opening, 2.5-inch seat width, and a 6.25-inch lift height, it's designed for optimal fit and lifting capability.

    Transform your towing operations with the Miller Medium Axle Fork - 3" Wide Opening. Experience the perfect blend of strength, lightweight design, and versatility. Enhance your recovery services by ordering now!


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