B/A Products 26" Axel Strap w D-Rings (3-Ply)

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    The B/A Products 26" Axle Strap with D-Rings (3-Ply) is an essential component in vehicle towing and transport operations, offering secure attachment points for safely securing vehicles to trailers or towing equipment. Here's an overview of its features and functions:

    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, the axle strap is designed to withstand the rigors of towing and transport applications. The three-ply design enhances strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy loads and harsh conditions.

    • Optimal Length: With a length of 26 inches, the axle strap provides ample length to securely wrap around vehicle axles or other anchor points on the vehicle chassis. This length is suitable for a wide range of vehicle types and sizes, providing flexibility in towing operations.

    • Integrated D-Rings: The axle strap features integrated D-Rings at each end, providing convenient attachment points for securing the strap to the trailer or towing equipment. These D-Rings offer a reliable and secure connection, helping to prevent slippage or detachment during transport.

    • Versatile Application: The axle strap is suitable for various towing and transport applications, including securing vehicles onto trailers, flatbed trucks, car carriers, or tow dollies. It can also be used for securing cargo or equipment during transport, offering versatility in use across different industries.

    • Easy to Use: The design of the axle strap makes it easy to use, with a simple yet effective wrap-around and attachment process. The integrated D-Rings provide quick and secure connection points, allowing for efficient and hassle-free setup and removal.

    • Safety Compliance: The B/A Products axle strap may comply with industry standards and regulations for towing and transport equipment, ensuring adherence to safety and performance requirements. Compliance with standards such as WSTDA-T-1 ensures reliability and peace of mind for towing operators.

    • Weather-Resistant: The axle strap is designed to withstand exposure to various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV exposure. This weather-resistant construction helps to prevent degradation and ensures long-lasting performance in outdoor environments.

    Overall, the B/A Products 26" Axle Strap with D-Rings (3-Ply) is a reliable and versatile solution for safely securing vehicles and cargo during towing and transport operations. With its heavy-duty construction, integrated D-Rings, and ease of use, it provides towing operators with a dependable tool for securing loads and ensuring safe and efficient transport.

    Each of these axle straps comes with a d-ring attached at each end. These 3 ply straps consist of B/A's Classic Web with protective polyester edges, making this the heaviest, most durable style of axle strap. For the tower that uses axle straps frequently or on a daily basis.

    • Size: 2"
    • Length: 20" - 48"
    • WLL: 3,330 lbs.


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