B/A Products 5/16" Low-Profile Grade 70 R, T, & Mini J Hook V-Chain

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    5/16-Inch Low-Profile Grade 70 R, T, & Mini J Hook V-Chain available in 2',3', and 6' Lengths

    When you are looking for a tough, reliable V chain to tow or transport a vehicle that is unable to move on its own, you need a finely crafted, tough as nails piece of hardware to do the job. This is where the Low Profile V-Chain; R, T & Mini J Hooks available in 2’, 3’, and 6’ lengths from B/A Products Co can help you out in a variety of different ways.

    B/A’s Grade 70 V-Chains offer a number of different pieces of hardware to help you do all kinds of different jobs. The Grade 70 5/16″ Low Profile V-Chains provide operators with R, T and Mini J Hooks as well as Grab Hooks and a Pear Link. With these V-chains, you can latch onto a wide variety of different anchoring points. This product comes with 2’, 3', or 6’ legs. Offers a Working Load Limit of 5,400 lbs.


    New Low Profile V-Chains

    Reduce damage to the under carriage of vehicles with the new Low Profile V-Bridles from B/A Products Co.

    By integrating an OBLONG LINK, the hook of the winch line is now in a horizontal plane, with the tip of the hook pointed away from components that could otherwise be damaged. This reduces the risk of puncturing the vehicles' oil pan, transmission, valance, bumper, radiator, etc. works best with swivel hook style rope assemblies.

    • Same v-bridle with additional oblong link
    • Allows hooks to face horizontally
    • Reduces possibility of damaging towed vehicle


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