Collins 1" Steel Hub Bearing Kit

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    The Collins 1" Steel Hub Bearing Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to maintain and optimize the functionality of wheel hubs in various towing and recovery setups. Here's a concise description highlighting its key features:

    • Wheel Hub Maintenance: The kit includes essential components required for the maintenance and repair of wheel hubs, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of towing equipment, trailers, or vehicles.

    • Steel Construction: Crafted from durable steel, the components in the kit offer strength, resilience, and resistance to wear and tear, providing long-lasting performance in demanding towing environments.

    • 1" Bearing Compatibility: Specifically designed to accommodate 1" bearings, the kit ensures compatibility with a wide range of towing and utility vehicle configurations that utilize this standard bearing size.

    • Comprehensive Package: The kit typically includes bearings, races, seals, and other necessary hardware and accessories, offering a complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and addressing common issues related to bearing wear, damage, or failure.

    • Ease of Installation: Components in the kit are engineered for straightforward installation, allowing towing operators or mechanics to quickly and efficiently replace worn or damaged bearings and associated parts, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment performance.

    • Enhanced Safety and Reliability: By ensuring proper functioning of wheel hubs, the Collins 1" Steel Hub Bearing Kit contributes to enhanced safety and reliability during towing and recovery operations, reducing the risk of accidents or equipment failure due to bearing-related issues.

    • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in a variety of towing setups, including dollies, trailers, flatbeds, and utility vehicles, the kit offers versatility and compatibility with different types of equipment and configurations.

    In summary, the Collins 1" Steel Hub Bearing Kit is a comprehensive and durable solution for maintaining and servicing wheel hubs in towing and recovery applications. With its high-quality construction, ease of installation, and compatibility with 1" bearings, the kit ensures optimal performance, safety, and reliability in towing operations.

    Bearing Cups, Bearing Rollers, Grease Seal, Cotter Pin, Dust Cover.

    Use this kit to replace damaged, worn or frozen bearings in your dolly wheels. This maintenance set fits most 1 dolly spindles. Buy one kit for each wheel.

    Kit includes:

    • (2) bearings (OD 1.98"/ID 1")
    • (2) cups
    • (1) oil seal (OD 1.97"/ID 1.20")
    • (1) grease cap
    • (1) cotter pin


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