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    EV Fire Blanket

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The Fire Cloak USA is an Electric Vehicle Car Fire Suppression Blanket made to contain the fire, cool the vehicle down in minutes, so that fire departments can quickly and easily extinguish with traditional methods after deployment. 

"This blanket will make it safer for your fire fighters..without a doubt!" Fire Chief of Training Joe Elam, Edmond Oklahoma Fire Department 

Lithium-Ion battery fires are on the rise. Are you prepared? 

The Fire Cloak USA in a first line of fire suppression for hybrid and electric vehicle car fires. Stop thermal runaway! Our EV fire blanket contains EV fires and cools the vehicle down within minutes of deployment. EV Fire Blankets can be used to cover electric or hybrid vehicles while being towed or stored after catching fire.  

The Fire Cloak USA can be deployed easily by two people and is designed to buy time for first responders, cool the vehicle down in minutes, and allows fire departments to save water, time, and energy while extinguishing EV fires. Even though it was designed for EV Fires, the Fire Cloak USA can be used on gas fires too!

Purchase the red storage case to mount your EV Fire Blanket in a parking garage, near a charging station, or at home. 

Thermal Runaway fires cannot be extinguished by water alone! 

Did you know that an EV fire can use over 60,000 gallons of water? The Fire Cloak USA allows fire departments to save water and use a minimal amount (similar to that of an ICE fire) by cooling the vehicle down quickly.  Fire departments around the USA are "letting EVs burn" rather than trying to extinguish them. However this allows the toxic chemicals into our air, lungs, and takes hours of the first responders time.  Fire Cloak USA is an environmentally friendly fire suppression tool that every fire department, tower, salvage yard, first responder, ferry, Charging Station, EV owner, car lot, auto dealer, mechanic, and more need to make sure they are ready for an EV Fire. It is simple to deploy and can be used by anyone. Contain the fire. Cool the vehicle. Conserve water! Protects the environment and first responders. 


Size: 26' X 20' (520 sq ft)
Weight: 53 lbs
Application: ICE, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles up to SUV size
Storage: Personalized, wall mounted storage box available
Material: Silica Quartz Fabric treated with Fire Retardant Coating
Property Value Standard
Fabric Weight 475 gsm EN 12127
Tensile Strength Warp 48 N/5cm Weft 3700 N/5cm ISO 4606
Electrical Burn Test MO EN 13501
Fabric Melting Point > 1472 F -
Reaction To Fire* B-s1, dO EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009
Material Fire Test** Class 0 BS 476, Part 6+7
Fire Resistance*** Up to 1832°F -
Hydrocarbon Resistance Rating Number: 7 BS EN ISO 14419: 2010
Hydrostatic Pressure Test 492cm/H2O (Mbar) BS EN 20811: 1992 / ISO 811

*Reaction to Fire: Based on information assimilated from the fabric manufacturers technical database, definitive ISO testing is currently in progress.

**Material Fire Test: Based on information assimilated from the fabric manufacturers technical database, definitive ISO testing is currently in progress.

***Fire Resistance Testing: Samples were submitted to Intertek® and furnace testing to 800°C was conducted. The material, whilst compromised, retained is structure and was deemed effective for the intended purpose.

NOTE: Whilst EV fires can reach core temperatures exceeding 1,300°C, the surface temperature of the vehicle body will be much lower than this. Once deployed the EV Car Fire Blanket reduces temperature rapidly by depriving the fire of Oxygen. This allows the EV Car Fire Blanket to perform effectively within its fire resistance ratings.


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