IGUS 200.02 Track

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    The IGUS 200.02 Track is a highly durable and reliable cable management solution designed to guide and protect cables and hoses in dynamic applications. Constructed by IGUS, a leading manufacturer of motion plastics, this track is made from high-performance polymer materials, such as igumid G, igumid ESD, or igumid G1, which offer exceptional wear resistance and longevity.

    The 200.02 Track features a modular design with an open-style construction, allowing for easy installation and maintenance of cables and hoses. Its robust construction provides protection against abrasion, chemicals, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications, including robotics, automation, material handling, and machine tools.

    With its low-friction surface and smooth operation, the IGUS 200.02 Track ensures reliable cable guidance and reduces the risk of downtime and maintenance costs associated with cable failures. Its lightweight design and flexibility make it easy to adapt to various layouts and configurations, providing versatility and convenience for engineers and maintenance personnel.

    Overall, the IGUS 200.02 Track is a high-quality cable management solution that offers superior performance, longevity, and reliability in demanding industrial environments.


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