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    The In The Ditch Hub Assembly is a critical component found in towing equipment, particularly within products manufactured by In The Ditch. Here's an overview of its features and function:

    1. Function: The hub assembly serves as the central component for mounting wheels to an axle in towing equipment, such as trailers, dollies, or other utility vehicles. It provides support and facilitates smooth rotation of the wheels, allowing for safe and efficient towing operations.

    2. Construction: Typically constructed from durable materials such as steel or aluminum, the hub assembly is designed to withstand the rigors of towing applications. It is engineered for strength, reliability, and longevity, ensuring optimal performance under various loads and operating conditions.

    3. Compatibility: The In The Ditch Hub Assembly is designed to meet the specifications and requirements of In The Ditch towing equipment. It is engineered for seamless integration and compatibility with corresponding axle and wheel components, ensuring proper fit and functionality.

    4. Ease of Maintenance: The hub assembly may feature components such as bearings, seals, and lubrication points that require periodic maintenance to ensure smooth operation and longevity. Proper maintenance of the hub assembly is essential for safe and efficient towing operations.

    5. Safety: As a critical component in the towing system, the hub assembly plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and stability of the equipment during towing operations. It is essential to inspect and maintain the hub assembly regularly to prevent failures and accidents.

    Overall, the In The Ditch Hub Assembly is a fundamental component in towing equipment, providing support and facilitating smooth rotation of wheels for safe and efficient towing operations.

    Prolong the life of and prevent maintenance issues on your In The Ditch Speed Dolly with this replacement 4 on 4" cast hub and bearing assembly. 1250-lb. capacity when assembled.

    Kit includes:

    • (1) Hub with Races
    • (2) Bearings
    • (1) Seal
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