BA Products LP V Strap with Cluster 36" Legs

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    The B/A Products LP V Strap with Cluster and 36" Legs is a versatile towing and recovery accessory designed for safely securing vehicles during towing operations. Crafted by B/A Products, a reputable manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment, this V strap offers durability, reliability, and ease of use.

    The "LP" designation typically stands for "Low Profile," indicating that this V strap is designed for vehicles with low ground clearance or in situations where minimal lift is desired. The low profile design helps prevent damage to vehicle components and provides a secure connection point for towing.

    Equipped with a cluster of hooks, this V strap offers multiple attachment options for securing to various anchor points on the vehicle or towing equipment. The cluster design enhances versatility and ensures a secure connection, minimizing the risk of slippage or detachment during towing.

    Featuring 36" legs, this V strap provides ample reach and flexibility for securely attaching to anchor points on vehicles of various sizes and configurations. The long legs help distribute the load evenly and reduce stress on attachment points, enhancing safety and stability during towing operations.

    Whether used in roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, or industrial towing applications, the B/A Products LP V Strap with Cluster and 36" Legs offers towing professionals and recovery specialists a reliable and versatile solution for safely securing vehicles during towing operations.


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