Maxxima 1.7" Warning Light

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    The Maxxima 1.7" Warning Light is a compact yet powerful lighting solution designed for emergency and warning applications. Crafted with precision and durability by Maxxima, a leading manufacturer of vehicle lighting products, this warning light offers high visibility and reliability in various hazardous situations.

    Measuring just 1.7 inches in diameter, this warning light is highly versatile and can be easily mounted on a wide range of vehicles and equipment. Despite its small size, it emits a bright and intense light output, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light conditions or adverse weather.

    Featuring durable construction and sealed housing, the Maxxima 1.7" Warning Light is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and harsh environmental conditions. Its rugged design ensures resistance to water, dust, and vibration, providing long-lasting performance in demanding applications.

    Equipped with advanced LED technology, this warning light offers low power consumption and extended service life compared to traditional incandescent lights. Its energy-efficient operation helps reduce maintenance costs and ensures reliable performance over time.

    Ideal for emergency vehicles, construction equipment, utility trucks, and more, the Maxxima 1.7" Warning Light provides a reliable and effective means of alerting others to potential hazards on the road or work site. With its compact size, high visibility, and durable construction, it is an essential safety accessory for any vehicle or equipment used in emergency or warning situations.

    1 1/16" hole required for mounting. Includes chrome bezel, control module and 4-wire 12'L cable.

    • 3 LEDs
    • 17 flash patterns
    • .6A draw
    • 1 7/8" dia. x 5/8"D


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