Maxxima 2" Round Red LED

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    Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with the Maxxima 2" Round Red LED, the pinnacle of modern lighting technology. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that rely on fragile metal filaments, these LEDs use solid-state devices with an electronic chip encapsulated in an epoxy substrate. This advanced design provides unparalleled durability and protection against road shock, vibration, dirt, moisture, and other corrosive elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in any condition.

    The Maxxima 2" Round Red LED functions as a clearance marker, featuring sealed moisture-proof electronics and a robust polycarbonate lens and housing. With nine high-efficiency LEDs, this light delivers bright and reliable illumination while maintaining a low power draw of just 60mA at 12.8 VDC. The plated brass connector ensures a secure and corrosion-resistant connection, while the grommet style mounting allows for easy installation. Compliant with DOT/SAE J592e standards, this LED light is both legal and safe for use on the road.

    Why You'll Love It:

    • Superior Durability: Solid-state LED technology resists shock and vibration, offering long-lasting reliability.
    • Moisture Proof: Sealed electronics protect against dirt, moisture, and corrosive elements.
    • Bright and Efficient: Nine LEDs provide powerful illumination with minimal power consumption.
    • Robust Construction: Polycarbonate lens and housing with a plated brass connector for added durability.
    • Easy Installation: Grommet style mounting and PL-2 connector for straightforward setup.
    • Legal Compliance: Meets DOT/SAE J592e standards for safe and legal use.


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