Miller 6.5" Thrust Washer Century 6500

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    The Miller 6.5" Thrust Washer designed for Century 6500 wreckers is a critical component that serves several important functions within the equipment. Here's an overview of its features and significance:

    • Thrust Bearing Surface: The thrust washer provides a smooth surface against which axial loads can be applied, serving to minimize friction and wear between moving parts. In the context of the Century 6500 wrecker, it helps to distribute and manage the axial forces exerted on components such as the boom or lifting mechanisms.

    • Durable Construction: Typically made from durable materials like steel or bronze, the thrust washer is engineered to withstand heavy loads and frequent use over an extended period. This ensures longevity and reliable performance, even in demanding towing and recovery operations.

    • Exact Fitment: The 6.5" diameter of the thrust washer is precisely engineered to match the specifications of the Century 6500 wrecker, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility with the equipment's components. This precise fit is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the wrecker's mechanical systems.

    • Reduced Friction: By providing a smooth bearing surface, the thrust washer helps to reduce friction and wear between mating components, contributing to smoother operation and prolonged service life of the equipment. This is especially important in high-stress applications like towing and recovery, where mechanical efficiency is essential.

    • Load Distribution: In addition to reducing friction, the thrust washer helps to evenly distribute axial loads across mating surfaces, preventing localized wear and potential damage to critical components. This helps to preserve the structural integrity of the equipment and ensures safe and reliable operation during towing and recovery tasks.

    • Maintenance and Replacement: Like all mechanical components, the thrust washer may require periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure proper function. Over time, it may experience wear or damage due to the stresses of towing operations, necessitating replacement to maintain optimal performance and safety.

    Overall, the Miller 6.5" Thrust Washer for the Century 6500 wrecker plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the equipment's mechanical systems. Its durable construction, precise fitment, and ability to reduce friction and distribute loads make it an essential component for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the wrecker during towing and recovery operations.

    Fits: 1998-Current Century Express 300 Series Wreckers 1998-Current Century EB4 6500 Wreckers 2007-Current Century Express 300 Series Modular Wreckers Century Formula 6500, 600 Series REV A Wreckers 2000-Current Century Midnight Express Wreckers 2010-Current Century Modular Midnight Express Wreckers 2009-Current Century Modular 400 & 600 Wreckers 2007-Current Century 614 FIIT Aluminum Body Wreckers 2002-Current Century 614 Formula IIT REV A Wreckers 1998-Current Challenger Express 4300 Series Wreckers 2009-Current Holmes 440SL Wreckers 1994-Current Holmes HP552/DFT 650 Dimensions: 6.5" L x 6.5" W x 0.14" H Inside Diameter: 3" Outside Diameter: 6.5"


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