Miller Lock Cylinder & Key

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    This is a Miller lock cylinder and key TM700 Type2 CAM. 

    Miller lock cylinders and keys are part of a lock system produced by Miller. These are commonly used in various security applications, such as door locks, cabinets, safes, and more. The lock cylinder is the core component of the locking mechanism, which houses the pins or discs that interact with the key to either allow or deny access.

    Miller lock cylinders come in different types and sizes, depending on the level of security required and the specific application. They may feature different keyways, keying options (such as keyed alike or keyed differently), and may be compatible with master key systems for larger organizations.

    Miller keys are specially designed to operate with their corresponding lock cylinders. They are often made of durable materials like brass or steel and are shaped to match the unique configuration of the lock's internal mechanisms. Miller keys may have specific cuts or grooves that align with the pins or discs within the lock cylinder, allowing for smooth and secure operation.

    It's important to ensure that Miller lock cylinders and keys are properly installed and maintained to maximize security and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it's advisable to keep track of key copies and consider rekeying or replacing locks if keys are lost or stolen to maintain security.

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