Miller Vulcan 880 Decal Kit

Miller Vulcan 880 Decal Kit

The Miller Vulcan 880 Decal Kit is a set of specialized decals designed to enhance...

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The Miller Vulcan 880 Decal Kit is a set of specialized decals designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of the Miller Vulcan 880 towing equipment. Here's an overview of its features:

  • Customization: The decal kit allows you to customize your Miller Vulcan 880 towing equipment with branded decals and graphics. These decals typically include the Miller logo, model name (Vulcan 880), safety warnings, and other relevant information.

  • Brand Identity: By prominently displaying Miller branding and model information, the decal kit helps reinforce the brand identity of your towing equipment. This can enhance professionalism and credibility when operating in the field.

  • Safety Compliance: The kit may include decals with important safety warnings and instructions, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and guidelines. These decals serve as visual reminders for operators to follow proper safety procedures during towing operations.

  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the decals offer durability and longevity, even when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions. They are designed to withstand UV exposure, moisture, and abrasion, maintaining their appearance and effectiveness over time.

  • Easy Application: The decals are designed for easy application onto the surface of the towing equipment. They typically feature adhesive backing for secure attachment to the equipment's body or frame. Proper installation instructions may be included in the kit for hassle-free application.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The decals enhance the visibility of your Miller Vulcan 880 towing equipment, making it easily identifiable on job sites or in traffic. This can improve safety and operational efficiency, especially in busy or congested environments.

Overall, the Miller Vulcan 880 Decal Kit offers a convenient and effective way to customize and enhance the appearance, safety, and branding of your towing equipment. Trust Miller for superior quality and innovation in towing equipment accessories, and rely on this decal kit to showcase your Miller Vulcan 880 with pride.

This is a decal kit for the wheel lift operations on a Vulcan 880/890 Series by Miller Industries. This part can be used to replace Part Numbers: 9033149, 9033150, 9033151, 9033152, 9033153, 9033154, 9033155, and 9033156.

  • Used on 880/890 Series