Zip's AW Direct Galvanized Mud Flap Bar

The Zip's AW Direct Galvanized Mud Flap Bar is a robust and corrosion-resistant solution designed...

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The Zip's AW Direct Galvanized Mud Flap Bar is a robust and corrosion-resistant solution designed to securely mount mud flaps to commercial vehicles, trailers, or tow trucks. Here's a concise description highlighting its key features:

  • Galvanized Construction: Constructed from galvanized steel, the mud flap bar offers superior resistance to corrosion, rust, and environmental wear, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability even in harsh conditions.

  • Heavy-Duty Design: Engineered for durability and strength, the mud flap bar is capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use and road travel without bending or warping. Its sturdy construction provides a stable and secure mounting platform for mud flaps.

  • Optimal Length: Available in various lengths to accommodate different vehicle sizes and configurations, the mud flap bar provides a custom fit for specific applications. Its optimal length ensures adequate coverage and protection from road debris and spray.

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for universal compatibility, the mud flap bar can be installed on a wide range of commercial vehicles, trailers, or tow trucks. Its versatile design allows for easy integration with existing mounting hardware and mud flap assemblies.

  • Easy Installation: Featuring pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, the mud flap bar facilitates quick and hassle-free installation. With straightforward mounting instructions, it can be easily installed by professionals or enthusiasts with basic tools and skills.

  • Enhanced Safety: By effectively securing mud flaps in place, the mud flap bar helps improve safety on the road by reducing the risk of debris projection and minimizing spray, especially in inclement weather conditions. It contributes to better visibility and reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by flying road debris.

In summary, the Zip's AW Direct Galvanized Mud Flap Bar offers durable, corrosion-resistant mounting solutions for mud flaps on commercial vehicles, trailers, or tow trucks. With its heavy-duty construction, universal compatibility, easy installation, and safety-enhancing features, it provides reliable protection and peace of mind for drivers and operators on the road.

Prevent mounting bolts, nuts and washers from pulling through the backside of your rubber or plastic mudflaps with this flat support bar from Zip's AW Direct. At nearly two feet wide, the aluminum stock works in tandem with your truck's mudflap bracket. Comes with four mounting holes pre-drilled.

  • Length: 23"
  • Width: 2"
  • Height: 0.19"
  • Other Dimensions: 0.43" holes