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    This Screw Pin Anchor Shackle is made from carbon and is easy to remove. Use this shackle when repairing links or fitting attachments. It has an open throat design and requires no special tools to use.

    B/A's shackles are made from forged alloy steel with an allow pin. The open cross pin becomes a stable handle and there are no tools required to operate. Shackles are 100% Magnaflux Tested, and they are proof tested to twice the working load limit. The minimum ultimate breaking limit is four times the working load limit. Each shackle has the size and working load limit permanently shown on it for added safety.
    Available in the following sizes

    Item # Size WLL
    11-14SPAS 1/4" 1,000 lb.
    11-516SPAS 5/16" 1,500 lb.
    11-38SPAS 3/8" 2,000 lb.
    11-716SPAS 7/16" 3,000 lb.
    11-12SPAS 1/2" 4,000 lb.
    11-58SPAS 5/8" 6,500 lb.
    11-34SPAS 3/4" 9,500 lb.
    11-78SPAS 7/8" 13,000 lb.
    11-1SPAS 1" 17,000 lb.
    11-118SPAS 1-1/8" 19,000 lb.
    11-125SPAS 1-1/4" 24,000 lb.
    11-138SPAS 1-3/8" 17,000 lb.
    11-150SPAS 1-1/2" 34,000 lb.
    11-175SPAS 1-3/4" 50,000 lb.
    11-2SPAS 2" 70,000 lb.


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