Toggle Switch 2-Way 6 Pin
Toggle Switch 2-Way 6 Pin

Miller Industries Toggle Switch 2-Way 6 Pin

The 2-Way 6-Pin Toggle Switch is a versatile electrical component commonly used in various applications,...

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The 2-Way 6-Pin Toggle Switch is a versatile electrical component commonly used in various applications, including automotive, industrial, and electronic equipment. Here's a concise description:

  • Functionality: The toggle switch allows users to control the flow of electrical current by toggling the switch between two positions. It features six pins, which typically correspond to two pairs of terminals for the input and output connections.

  • Configuration: The switch has a sturdy lever or toggle mechanism that moves between two positions: ON and OFF. When the toggle is in the ON position, it completes the electrical circuit, allowing current to flow. Conversely, when the toggle is in the OFF position, the circuit is broken, interrupting the flow of current.

  • Electrical Connections: The 2-Way 6-Pin Toggle Switch has six pins arranged in a specific configuration to facilitate easy wiring. Typically, two pins are designated for the input connections (often labeled as "common" or "power"), while the remaining four pins are used for the output connections (typically labeled as "normally open" and "normally closed").

  • Applications: This type of toggle switch is suitable for a wide range of applications, including controlling lights, fans, motors, heaters, and various electrical devices. Its versatility makes it a popular choice in automotive, marine, industrial, and electronic projects where reliable and convenient switching is required.

  • Installation: The switch is typically mounted on a panel or enclosure using a threaded mounting bushing or nut. Wiring connections are made by soldering or crimping wires to the designated pins, ensuring secure and reliable electrical connections.

  • Durability and Reliability: High-quality toggle switches are constructed from durable materials such as metal or high-impact plastic, ensuring long-term reliability and resistance to wear and tear in demanding environments.

In summary, the 2-Way 6-Pin Toggle Switch is a versatile electrical component that provides convenient control over electrical circuits in various applications. Its robust construction, easy installation, and reliable performance make it an essential part of many electrical systems.

This is a double pole, double throw momentary toggle switch can replace a switch in our wheel lift, remote for a 4 way pump, and a 6 function remote for a 6 way pump. The push-on toggle switch is easier to assemble and work with than the screw-on toggle switch.