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    Enhance the durability and protection of your TowMate Wireless Lights with the TowMate Rubber Boot, specifically designed for towing and wrecker companies who prioritize the maintenance and longevity of their equipment. These rubber boots are the perfect companion for your MAG90S magnetic mounts, offering a robust, scratch-proof solution that safeguards your lights during rigorous daily operations. The boots provide a secure fit, ensuring that your lights remain stable and protected against the elements and the demands of the road. As sold individually, these boots allow for easy replacement or addition to your existing setups, making them a practical and essential investment for any towing professional focused on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Why You'll Love It:

    • Enhanced Protection: Guards against scratches and environmental damage, extending the life of your wireless lights.
    • Secure Mounting: Offers a reliable, scratch-proof mounting option that keeps your lights stable and secure.
    • Perfect Fit: Specifically designed for MAG90S magnetic mounts, ensuring a snug and proper fit.
    • Durability: Made from high-quality rubber, these boots are built to withstand the tough conditions of towing.
    • Easy Integration: Sold individually for convenient integration or replacement in your towing setup.

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