TowMate Wired LED Magnetic Tow Lights

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    TowMate Wired LED Magnetic Tow Lights are essential accessories for towing operations, offering reliable and highly visible lighting solutions. Here's an overview of their features:

    1. Wired Connectivity: These tow lights feature a wired design, allowing for a secure and stable connection between the lights and the towing vehicle. The wired setup ensures consistent power delivery and eliminates the need for batteries, providing reliable illumination throughout the towing process.

    2. LED Technology: Equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs, these tow lights deliver bright and highly visible lighting, enhancing safety on the road. LED technology offers long-lasting performance, durability, and improved visibility compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

    3. Magnetic Mounting: The tow lights come with strong magnets built into their bases, enabling quick and hassle-free attachment to metal surfaces on the towing vehicle. The magnetic mounting ensures secure placement of the lights without the need for permanent installation or drilling.

    4. Weatherproof Construction: Constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials, these tow lights are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Their rugged construction ensures reliable performance in various towing environments.

    5. Compliance: TowMate Wired LED Magnetic Tow Lights typically meet relevant safety standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements for towing equipment. Their bright and highly visible illumination helps alert other motorists to the presence of the towed vehicle, enhancing overall safety on the road.

    Overall, TowMate Wired LED Magnetic Tow Lights offer a convenient, durable, and highly visible lighting solution for towing operations. With their wired connectivity, LED technology, magnetic mounting, and weatherproof construction, they provide reliable performance and enhanced safety for towing vehicles and trailers.

    • Two stop, tail, turn lights with high-intensity LED’s
    • Side marker lights for optimal visibility
    • 90 LB pull magnets with included protective rubber boots
    • 30’ long arctic cord (rated at -40°c) w/7’ spread between lights
    • 4-Pin round plug
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