Zip's Custom Dolly Axle Storage Brackets

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    Zip's Custom Dolly Axle Storage Brackets are specialized accessories meticulously designed to enhance the organization and efficiency of your towing equipment setup. Crafted with durability and precision in mind, these storage brackets offer a convenient solution for securely storing dolly axles when not in use.

    Featuring a robust construction, Zip's Custom Dolly Axle Storage Brackets are built to withstand the rigors of towing operations, providing long-lasting reliability. These brackets are custom-designed to accommodate dolly axles of various sizes, offering a tailored fit and ensuring a secure hold during storage.

    With Zip's Custom Dolly Axle Storage Brackets, you can keep your towing equipment neatly organized and readily accessible, minimizing clutter and streamlining your towing operations. Whether used in recovery vehicles, heavy-duty wreckers, or specialized towing rigs, these storage brackets provide a practical and efficient solution for maintaining your dolly axles.

    These are custom made dolly axle storage brackets that are used to store your dolly axles on the body of your light duty wrecker.

    Part# ZP-DASB

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